David Nelson


Email: davidnelson@dixonwilson.co.uk
Phone: 020 7680 8100

Brief CV

Education: BSc Hons Chem Eng

1984: Joined Dixon Wilson

1987: Qualified as a Chartered Accountant

1990: Appointed partner

2008: Elected senior partner

In the 120 year history of the firm, there have only been 9 Senior Partners which highlights, for me, one of the core strengths – our people retention.

Almost all of our Partners and staff trained with the firm. We grow our own, and seek to ensure that our most able staff make their careers with the firm. Long-term relationships with clients are at the core of what we do. We strive to build those relationships so that all clients benefit from the continuity our people retention provides.
Since I joined Dixon Wilson I have built up considerable experience and expertise in helping wealthy families, and their businesses, and Landed Estates concerning tax and other aspects of their financial and business affairs, leading a team which works closely with clients and other professional advisors. I have a wealth of knowledge gained from acting as a Trustee and Non-Executive Director with clients across a whole spectrum, media, hotels and Landed Estates and with a particular emphasis on the UK aspects of international tax, offshore trusts and the UK resident who has retained a foreign domicile.